NAME George Brown JOB Herd Manager COMPANY Farm in New Zealand AGE 22 SALARY* Current £25 - 30,000 + benefits *industry average

I’m a Herd Manager; I look after 850 cows on a farm in New Zealand.  I come from a family of architects, so farming wasn’t the most obvious career choice for me.  It’s great to go into farming from a non-farming background, as you have different skills which are an asset.  You can support a business by pushing it into a new and better direction. 

There are fantastic careers to be had in practical farming.  The skills required are much broader than they used to be, the academic and technical sides are essential.  Farming has changed and the stereotypes are not really true. 

You could take away every other sector and you would still need to make food.  If you took away the farming sector then the whole world would come to a halt!  Why would you want another job? 

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