Claire Heath



NAME Claire Heath JOB Carbon Solutions Manager COMPANY AB Agri AGE 27 SALARY* £20,000 - 25,000 *industry average

I deliver an industry leading initiative for a UK retailer which captures real on-farm data to measure carbon emissions. This is a long term programme based on a cyclical process of measure-review-improve, and then measure again to improve carbon and cost efficiency. 

This is important as agricultural production is a significant contributor of GHG emissions, particularly production related to proteins. This is why agriculture is a key target for UK and global governments to drive GHG reductions. My job is to identify where potential carbon savings can be made through best farming practices to optimise carbon and cost efficiency across the retailers’ supply base, which includes all protein sectors. 

In terms of qualifications, you need a degree to help get you there, but you also need passion and energy.  I think a lot of it comes down to personal drive and motivation.  In my role, no two days are the same.  I can be working with farmers one day or the retailers the next.  It’s not all about driving a tractor and it’s not all office based either. 

The agricultural sector is a good, welcoming and challenging place to work.  I would promote it to anyone.  Agriculture and food production are fundamental to the planet, life and wellbeing, so there’s definitely a future.  It’s about making your presence felt.

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