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NAME Adrian Boor JOB Trial Site Manager COMPANY British Sugar AGE 30 SALARY* TBC *industry average

What do you do day-to-day in your job?

I am responsible for looking after the management of sugar beet fields used to grow a variety of agricultural experimental trials. We test new varieties of sugar beet, plant nutrients and methods of crop protection to help increase yield - this ultimately helps to improve the profitability of the crop for growers.
Specifically, I am responsible for finding sites, planning the trial sites and maintaining close working relationships with the host growers.  I make crop management decisions, such as crop protection recommendations, throughout the growing season. I also show relevant parties around the trials, e.g. trials inspectors and seed breeders.


What other jobs have you had?

My previous jobs have all been Agronomy based – either commercial- or development-agronomy – i.e. crop trials.

What other jobs or career path did you consider?

I come from a farming family, so the temptation to go back onto the farm was fairly high! I just wanted to get as much knowledge about the wider industry as possible.


What qualifications do you have?

I have a BSc (Hons) Agriculture, A-levels in Biology, Business Studies and Design Technology, and GCSEs. I’m also BASIS and FACTS qualified allowing me to make agrochemical recommendations.

What do you like most about your job, and what’s not so great?

Every day is different!  My job relies heavily on using my common sense. A lot of the scenarios we find ourselves in cannot be planned for due to the specialist nature of the job, so we have to make snap judgement calls.  This is where a well-rounded knowledge of commercial and experimental agriculture comes in handy - I thoroughly enjoy being stretched in this way.

 What’s your long term ambition?

I love working on trials, you get a real feeling that you’re making a difference.  The things that we are working on now may well change the face of UK Agriculture in the future, so I’m sure I will always be involved somehow in trials!
I bring a very practical approach to trials and aim to ‘make things happen’; I’d like to enhance this, possibly being a consultant of some description. I’m also keen to manage people and pass on my knowledge to others.
Eventually, I’d like to design something, either an idea or a piece of machinery that makes a real difference, which I will be known industry-wide for.

What one piece of advice would you give people trying to get into agriculture?

Don’t be put off – Agriculture is such an amazing industry to be in, there are so many opportunities to explore whatever avenue you wish to.   There are not that many young people in the sector, so you have a real chance to get your dream job.

Agriculture is evolving all of the time due to many things, such as climate change and economical factors.  It’s an industry that doesn’t have all of the answers, so the opportunity to make a difference is huge – and the rewards will make all your effort worthwhile!

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