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NAME Georgina Parkes JOB Assistant Project Manager COMPANY G's AGE 25 SALARY* TBC *industry average

What’s your job? 

I work with fresh produce growers to look at how we can reduce variation within the salad supply chain to develop more productive harvests of crops.   I focus on the Iceberg lettuce and the Radish.

How do you do this? 

I design different trials to analyse the impacts of factors that cause variation, such as seeds, land selection, propagation, planting, growing and harvesting.  I section off areas of fields with freshly sown crops and monitor the growing process. 

I assess for variation at regular intervals until they are harvested.  Post-harvest assessments are conducted to identify the opportunities and priorities to reduce variation and waste.

What do you like about the role?

I love working outside with open spaces and fresh air.  Although, I’d say the most enjoyable part is actively growing plants and watching them mature from seeds through to harvest.  I find it really gratifying to be able to contribute to improving agricultural and farming practices. 

Another great aspect about the job is being able to manage my own workload.  It gives me the freedom to be flexible and tailor my time effectively to get the job done.

Would you advise someone to work in the agricultural sector?

Yes, do it!  There is so much to be gained. It’s an exceptionally stable marketplace, as farming will continue to support the needs of society. 

Join the agricultural sector – help feed the world.

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