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NAME Greg Langham JOB Logistics Coordinator COMPANY G's AGE 22 SALARY* 35,000 *industry average

What do you do day to day in your job?

Logistics is all about getting the right vehicle to the right place, at the right time and with correct available space.   Therefore, my role is to ensure that hauliers receive collection and delivery instructions in good time with good detail.  We have to operate to an agreed schedule since our fresh produce is highly perishable and must reach retailer distribution centres in good time in order to reach supermarket shelves.

This is an extremely fast paced environment as produce is harvested daily, cooled and transported to customers from our farms in both UK and Spain.  I help manage the movement of over 2,000 pallets of fresh produce daily to distribution centres.  This means getting more than 100 trucks a day to do the right job!  There is a lot of detailed planning involved, however there is a need for great flexibility as weather, traffic and consumer demand can have rapid impacts.

I have worked in this role in the UK for 2 summer seasons, which has allowed me to fully understand the growing and delivery cycles.  I have also been very lucky to work in Spain for a Winter season.  This meant that I was part of a small team despatching produce directly to retailers from our production sites in Murcia.

What other jobs have you had?

I worked for a major retailer in many areas, starting on the tills, working in Fresh Produce and finally in Home Delivery.  This gives me a good understanding of what consumers expect from their fresh foods.

What qualifications do you have?

I have 11 GCSEs, an A Level in Psychology, and achieved Level 3 Sports & Business Administration as part of my further education.

What are you enjoying and getting personally from the role?

I get great satisfaction from solving the problems of the day.  The job is never the same each day and the variation is exciting.  It is a challenging role that is fast paced – I have to think on my feet and work constructively with colleagues to find solutions.

The nature of the business is very supportive - the team backup and respectful relationships are really important to getting a good job done.

What one piece of advice would you give people trying to get into agriculture?

Don’t rule anything out, be open-minded and look for a role that motivates you – especially consider the people with whom you’ll be working.  Fresh produce is a growing business, it is fast paced and consumer demand for high quality local foods will always be there.  It is important to find a role in an industry that has long term sustainability.


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