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NAME Jonny Roberts JOB Commodity Logistics Administrator COMPANY Nidera AGE 23 SALARY* £25,000 - £30,000 *industry average

What does a Commodity Logistics Administrator do? 

The purpose of my job is to ensure our contracts are carried out effectively, e.g. I arrange for the commodities we buy and sell to be collected and delivered.  My job mainly supports the logistics of the commodity ‘milling wheat’.  I produce delivery instructions for our transport team to arrange haulage for the goods to be collected and delivered.

I have to make sure the delivery of commodities meets the specification of the buyer.  If it is ‘out-of-specification’ and doesn’t meet their requirements then I have to process this information accordingly.  I have to let the farmer that’s selling the commodity know it isn’t right and the trader or buyer too.  Sometimes, it is so far from what has been asked for that I have to solve the problem.  This usually means finding the commodity a new home or arranging for the load to be taken back to the grower’s farm.   

What other jobs have you had?

I have had a variety of jobs, mainly in retail and customer facing roles.  Before the job at Nidera, I had not understood the job opportunities in the agricultural industry.

What other career paths did you consider?

Whilst studying for my A Levels, I thought about becoming a P.E. teacher.  I changed my mind after doing some work experience at a local construction firm.  We carried out lots of tasks that required problem solving, which I found really interesting!  This is what made me think about pursuing a career path involving problem solving and is why I chose to do a degree in Civil Engineering at University.

Whilst at University, the obvious focus for my career through my degree course was to become a Site Engineer or Structural Engineer.  I enjoyed these parts of my course, but the elements I was particularly drawn to were logistics and supply chain management of projects.  This is why I applied to become a Commodity Logistics Administrator.  

What qualifications do you have?

I have a BSc (Hons) Civil Engineering (2:1).  I achieved these grades for my A-Levels:  Geography (B), Product Design (C), PE (D) and General Studies (B). 

At school I gained the following GCSEs: English Language (B), Maths (C), Double Science (B), French (B), Geography (B), History (B), English Literature (A), Electronics (A) and Physical Education (A).

What do you really like about your job?

I love problem solving.  I like it when I am able to resolve the rejection of a commodity by working well under pressure and making effective decisions.  I enjoy the ability to pursue opportunities that will commercially benefit the company. 

I’m really lucky - there isn’t a part of the job that I do not enjoy! 

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I have been working for Nidera for almost two years.  In this short time, I have gained experience in all aspects of the company.  This has given me insight into the fact that I want to become a Desk Trader long-term.  This means I would be able to help make money for the organisation by being competitive with our sales and paying good prices.

What advice would you give to someone looking at a career in agriculture?

There is a common misconception by people outside the grain industry that think it involves early mornings on muddy cold farms.  I also thought this, but this changed when I joined Nidera.  I would advise them to have an open mind, as the doors that open through agriculture are tremendous. So, if you have an open mind, are hard working and determined then agriculture is perfect for you.  There are opportunities for all!

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