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NAME Callum Weir JOB Commercial Management Trainee – UK Import Desk COMPANY Cargill AGE 24 SALARY* *industry average

My name is Callum Weir and I am a Commercial Management Trainee (CMT) in the Agricultural Supply Chain division of Cargill, based in the UK. In the Grains and Oilseeds Supply Chain team, it is our role to connect surplus and deficit markets. Within this, the role of a CMT is divided into three main sections. Firstly, to identify profitable supply chains where it is possible to physically execute an import programme of feed ingredients, shipping them from origin to destination. Once in the UK, the second part of the role is to merchandise these products to animal feed manufacturers throughout the UK. These products range from Argentinian sunflower meal to Malaysian palm kernel meal. The final part of the role is to look for opportunities to trade imported feed products such as soya meal, whilst managing risk.

What qualifications do you have?

  • Bsc 1st Class Agriculture degree from University of Nottingham
  • A levels in Chemistry, Politics and History
  • Trailer and forklift truck license!

Are you from a farming background?

No, my dad is a teacher and my mum works for British Gas. However, I have always had a strong interest in the countryside and my first weekend job was working on a farm and that’s how I started in the industry. After taking two gap years and working full time on a farm to fund my travelling, I decided to study agriculture at university. Whilst at uni, I worked on numerous farms during the holidays, and after graduated I harvested on a large farm in Essex before coming to Cargill.

Do predominantly you work with: 

People, Animals, Plants, Numbers, Machinery, Food?

I predominantly work with people who require plant products to feed to animals which produce food for humans…if the numbers are right and the machines that bring the products to the UK don’t break!

What was your favourite subject at school?

At school politics because I liked debating, which is surprisingly useful in this job. My favourite module at university was agricultural economics.

What is your most important skill that affects your job?

Being a good team player and communicator are the most vital attributes in my job by far. In such a fast paced job, it is important to be able to work well in a team to achieve common goals without any self-interest. In addition, being a good communicator is also hugely important, not only to customers, but also your colleagues in your office and throughout Cargill.

Can you progress in your current job?

Definitely! I seem to progress every day with the support I get. One thing I have learned about Cargill as a whole is that if you are willing to learn, you will get given the support and responsibility to stretch yourself and progress in your career.

What’s the one thing you dislike about your job?

I would say that my job is stressful, but to be honest I like the intensity. My days always go quickly and are never boring. It can be difficult working inside in the summer months when I am used to being outside in the sunshine, but all winter I relish being inside!

One piece of advice on entering the Agri Food industry?

There are plenty of opportunities in the industry so keep an open mind and look for a job that allows you to expand your horizons.

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