Cropbotics Competition

A national schools STEM competition, launching now for all Year 10 pupils.

Can the pupils of your STEM group design a robot that can pick a tomato that can then be eaten? This is not as easy as you think! Design, create and build your robot to compete at the National Big Bang NEC Event in March 2016.

The Challenge

Last night a meteor hit earth, emitting radiation and poisonous vapours. Most of the major conurbations and cities have been destroyed. All people exposed to the radiation and vapours are now Zombies. The last communication received from the authorities was to remain hidden indoors until the all clear was given. Nobody knows when the all clear will come…

A small group of you have found a secure location in a destroyed school but have no food. Outside you can see there is a glasshouse which remains intact. Inside are a valuable crop of tomatoes.

In order to survive, you have decided that you will try to harvest the crop, but you will need to do this remotely to avoid the radiation. To do this you will scavenge materials from the school, including electrical components, from which you will attempt to make a robot, capable of harvesting the crop for you. To prevent discovery the robot must be controlled remotely from your hiding place.

How to enter

To register your interest and request a schools information pack, please complete this form by 27th November 2015.

Alternatively, you can download a digital version of the pack here

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