Bright Crop is here to show you just how many interesting and  exciting opportunities there are in farming and food supply. This is a place to  explore and find out more. To get started, take a look at our video.

What’s the story?

With the population growing, more mouths to feed and less space to grow our food, the farming and food industry needs talented individuals with the ideas and the know-how to meet these challenges.

Organisations from across the industry, including food manufacturers, machinery engineers and scientific researchers have come together to develop Bright Crop. Bright Crop lets you explore a wide range of job roles, see what the jobs are really like, get tips from the experts, and plan your route to a career in farming and food supply.

Using this website

First, use our 'Quick Search' to the right to find some job roles that might interest you. Think about:

  • What subjects do you enjoy at school?
  • Do you have any interests and hobbies you might like to base a career on?
  • How do you like to learn - do you prefer theory based or hands on learning?

Read our case studies and look at the routes they took into the industry - you'll see there are all sorts of ways of going about it!

Talk to our experts by tweeting our Ambassadors and see if they can answer your questions.

Take a look at our pages on apprenticeships to find out more about learning and earning whilst at work.

Check out what's on, including events and careers fairs near you.

Ask your teacher to invite one of our Bright Crop Ambassadors to come and speak to your class. 

See if you can get some work experience or a volunteer role in the sector. You will gain lots of extra skills and it will give you something to put on your CV too!

Explore the useful links page for further information from other sites.



Bright Crop lets you explore a wide range of job roles

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